Foam is Where the Heart Is...

I thought it fitting to begin my posts as I begin my writing...with a frothy latte.

Living in Chicago has it's perks-ahem-, constantly challenging my culinary expectations and raising the bar on outstanding local, and cultural, meals. Not a day goes by when I'm not thankful for the Green City Market, steps from my door, or the local coffee shops that throb with life on lazy weekend mornings.
For a self-proclaimed lover of the latte, I do not own one coffee making appliance at home. My trusty teapot and some Stash tea is about all I require, and I leave the coffee making to the pros.

Recently, I read that my beloved local Intelligentsia on Broadway, a bustling workshop that doesn't shortchange your foam for fast service (It's worth the wait. Every. single. time.), ranked among some of the top coffee beans across the U.S.
And I have to admit, my pleasure comes partly from the deliciously nutty sweet essence that bubbles up and into the expertly layered steamed milk, and partly from barista-coined expression 'latte art.'
Rumored to have begun amidst Seattle's thriving coffee shop culture, sometime in the 80's, I still think an eye for the perfectly folded white leaf is about as professional as that Guinness perfect pour. It's no wonder my favorite coffee joint ranked among the semi-finalists in the US Barrista Competition (c'mon, did you really think they limited these things to bartenders?) and California's Intelligentsia took the 2008 prize! While I'm certain the brew and pour profoundly influence the richness of a bean, I wonder now if there is a categorey for aesthetics...

Even when I'm on the go, I have to take a moment to lift up my lid and gaze down at the espresso expression with a smile and a nod to the barrista, as we are both worshippers at the alter of details.

I hope to share my thoughts on the more minute details of the foods I eat as I sip, savor and stuff my mouth. Cheers!

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