As a follow up to my previous post, a few of the highlights from the Chef's BBQ:

Crofton on Wells was the most surprising winner in my 'classic barbeque with a twist' category. I wasn't too familiar with this long standing restaurant, known for contemporary American cuisine presented with French classical technique. Their offering, a mildly earthy, slightly gamey rabbit sausage made me never want a hot dog again. Topped with pickled fennel and mustard seed, the simple elements that together make a the classic 'brat and kraut' combo, the petite bun was dressed instead in a more refined coat that complimented but hardly overshadowed the subtle meat. Served alongside the dog was a hard cider 'sno cone' in a nostolgic paper cup (courtesy of Seedling Farm's new frozen orchard-based treats).

Another shot of the rabbit sausages before plating, proving you don't need to be fancy to taste so darn good. Another surprise of the day was the Goddess and the Grocer's table. In addition to an addictive purple potato salad, that hinted at mustard and vinegar rather than mayo, they served up housemade pickles, cucumbers and beets married together as a tangy relish salad. I only wish I could have toted this jar along to half the barbeque tables, using the lightly brined veggies as a finisher. Kudos to my favorite gourmet deli for carry out--- I'll be looking to you for the sides to our next summer cookout!

Alas, while I could dissect more and more from this night, new meals have overtaken old and I must move on!

Until then, cheers!

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